Stussy X OTP
Stussy x OTP

Stussy X OTP

It’s Grim Up North

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‘Wet Paint’ Steel, paint can and enamel sculpture.

‘Inside my Mind’ 3D collage.

Dove papercut

‘Doves’ Papercut.

This was a brilliant event which consisted of a group show of Northern Artists, featuring my artwork alongside other members of OTP at the Reebok Lounge, London.

To commemorate the show I was asked by Stussy to design a Tshirt with the title of the show featuring ‘It’s Grim Up North’. They sold out immediately and became highly covetable! Both the show and the Tshirt were featured in several articles (notably Streetwear Today Magazine) and many online blogs/magazines.

The event featured breakdancers and music supplied by Kidkanevil, DJ Matman, Part2, DJ Jed 104 & Charlee Brown.