That Thing

That Thing

Funk & Junk

‘Slice’ Junk Tshirt.

‘Noodle Head’ Handpainted denim jacket, ‘Lick’ Handpainted Tshirt.

‘Wink’ Handmade bag, Mesh vest & handmade ‘Smile’ leggings.

‘Eye Patch’ Customisable beanie hat, Handmade mesh vest, Handpainted ‘Party Hard’ Jacket.

‘Eye Patch’ Customisable beanie hat, Handpainted shoes.

That Thing is a collaboration between myself and my partner Nadia Amini-Alavijeh, Handmade, finished, painted garments with our own brand of quirky, tongue-in-cheek humour… think bold slogans and chunky outlined illustrations.

Photography: Ben Coletta

Direction: Oliver Lancaster

Styling/Model: Nadia Amini-Alavijeh