Kate Whitehead

Kate Whitehead

Artist Exhibition catalogue.

I was asked by textile artist Kate Whitehead to create an exhibition catalogue for her 2018 exhibit ‘Not from the Stork’ at the Knit and Stitch show. Olympia London.

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Kate’s work is often created with found materials; raw, rough and scavenged… so the prospect of a clean, bright white exhibition catalogue seemed unsuitable for her work.

Instead we decided to use the newspaper format – being that newspapers are seen as disposable, temporary and perhaps more humble. Kate’s weaving and embroidery ‘explore the potential of the forgotten, overlooked and abandoned.’

Rough, spidery-lined illustrations and typography are scrawled across each page – covering the photos at times. Portions of text contain errors, crossed out words and misprints.

Colours were taken from the palette of Kate’s work paired with stitch-like lines and patterns in the background.

See more of Kate’s amazing work on her website.